Lady Behave! (1937) - Comedy





A charming romantic comedy from the 1930s, Lady Behave! is a bubbly mess of love, relationships, and high society gossip. Debonair millionaire Neil Hamilton has a bit too much to drink at a fancy party and wakes up married! Hurrying to his lawyer, Hamilton seeks an immediate annulment for his drunken mistake. Much to his dismay, it turns out that his new bride, Patricia Farr, was already married! Hamilton fears for his upstanding reputation, and to keep from being charged with bigamy Farr's sister, the adorable Sally Eilers, offers to fill in and live with Hamilton until the matter can be straightened out. This is when Lady Behave! gets out of hand: young Eilers is miserable juggling her sister, her pretend husband, her brother in law, and her pretend step children who are all a nightmare! Lady Behave! enchants with flawed, yet loving people and the misery they can cause one another. Runtime: 53 min Get Over 4,000 Classic Movies Here:




I love this movie! :)